péntek, november 18, 2011

brrrr... its cold out there!

Okay maybe not that cold just yet but it is getting there! According to the weather network its -18 C but with the wind chill it feels like -25C! The good thing is that it is supposed to warm up by next week - back into the + temperatures (low + temps but still above zero!)

Anyways, just a quicky post today... more of a reminder that it is IWHS this weekend so don't forget to pamper yourselves and get lots of stitching done! Sadly I won't be able to until Sunday but I plan on doing nothing but stitching then!

Happy stitching everyone!!!

3 megjegyzés:

Kaisievic írta...

Good luck with your stitching on Sunday - Happy IHSW.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Dani - tkdchick írta...

I have every intention to stitch... and stitch a lot! I'll be hermiting with a few girlfriends on Sunday after gorging on waffles!

valerie írta...

Awww....poor squirrel! Perfect weekend to hermit. It's been very rainy here.