csütörtök, november 24, 2011

want to join?

I was contacted after my window shopping post by Veronica about maybe doing Lizzie Kate's 6 fat men as a SAL in the future...

Both of us have just ordered the pattern and have so far set a date for March next year. It is tentative right now, but we will be confirming the date and more information it as we get closer.

Let us know if you would like to join in! (pssst.... Barbi and Edit.... I'm talking to you! LOL!) In all seriousness, let us know if any of you would like to join us for a little fun sal in the new year!

Also if you have a chance please go check out her blog, she has some very lovely stitching going on over there! Just be careful, as she has enabled me more than once already!

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Veronica írta...

Oooh... The more the merrier ^.^ I'll post about this SAL on my blog as well when I have the time. I look forward so much to this SAL already. Thanx for the compliment :)


Edo írta...

okee dokee!

Kaisievic írta...

Hi Katica, I would love to join your SAL, I have been eyeing that pattern and now I will have an excuse to buy it - however, I will be travelling overseas for a month from the 10th March but I will try to find a way to make it work. Will it be a once a week SAL? Who did you order your pattern from?

Hugs, Kaye xoxox


Agi írta...

Maybe I will also join you, I really like this pattern, but I do not see my calendar for next year yet. I will go back to work from March on and I have no idea how many free time I will have. But if a lot, then I am in!

KaLu - Claudia írta...

yes!!!! i've had the charts and fabric since they came out and havent had a chance to start

Barbi írta...

I'm in! I'm going to order them RIGHT NOW!!! LOL