szerda, november 23, 2011

I fell....

Well I did it, I fell off the wagon... not that I was really on the stash wagon, more a self imposed wagon, in that I've been trying not to buy a lot of stash lately...but I couldn't resist any longer! and I will admit I did go a little overboard!

If you remember my post from November 12, where I went window shopping, well some of those patterns - okay most of them - are now slowly making their way to my mailbox... as well a couple of others...

I won't show pictures of them all, but will list my new stash that is on its way... here's what I got!

-DebBee's Designs Diamond Delight VI
-all the charts needed for Lizzie Kate's 6 Fat Men
-Mirabilia's Elizabeth plus the beads
-Prairie Schooler J*K*L
-the two new ones by Plum Street Samplers - Colonial Garden, and Sergei
-Blackbird Desings Loose Feathers - Autumn
-Brooks Books Brides Tree Ornament #10 - Eternity
-Lizzie Kate's Ho Ho Ho in a row
-Lizzie Kate's Winter Alphabets

I know more would have jumped in the online shopping cart if I let them, but I had to draw the line somewhere! LOL!!

I really like Lizzie Kate's Autumn Alphabets as well, but that will have to wait till next time with all the rest that I didn't order this time around.

Since I now have so much new stash coming, I will need to seriously start making room, so please keep an eye open in that I will be posting more things for sale on my sale page - tab/link is at the top.

Tonight I'm not sure what to stitch on, as I found a couple of more Christmas ornaments that I would like to do but at the same time, I'm really enjoying working on the tulips... so its a toss up right now. I have both set up in my qsnaps (its good to have multiples!) so I'll just grab one and go from there when I settle in to stitch tonight!

till tomorrow... happy stitching!

2 megjegyzés:

Barbi írta...

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! You bought stuff!!! You know what this means don't you??? It means that I will have to buy stuff too!!! LOL Elizabeth is gorgeous, and LK's fat men!!!! I want those sooo bad. Ok I am going to remain calm!

Edo írta...

tisk tisk tisk! Both you a Barb need "stitchy stash" intervention!!