hétfő, április 23, 2012

ihws, tusal, sal...

It was a busy weekend in the stitching world! IHSW, and TUSAL! I will admit, I was off by one day on my TUSAL in that I even had it listed as April 22, when it was the 21st. But no matter, I was away anyways! :D

Here are my progress pictures:

For the IHSW, I worked on Sabrina Friday night and here are my before and after pictures.
I would have had more done, that small little bit of green that is hanging down on the right side there, I had a bunch more stitched around there but had to frog as I grabbed the wrong colour! But I'm getting closer and closer to the end of her dress!
I didn't stitch at all on Saturday as we weren't home, but it was tusal time so here are my orts for the month, as well as year to date...  The first picture is my month's orts in the smaller jar and my year to date squished in the big jar.

The second picture is the year so far all together!

Next up on the list, Sunday's SAL with Barbi!  Since we were away for most of the weekend, I didn't get too much stitching time in, but I did get enough to finish off her darn skirt!  Whoo hoo, I thought that thing was never going to end! I can finally move onto other fun parts of this project!

I have one last photo to show you, my new stitching buddy, Princess! So far she has been good in not going after my threads, but she does like to sit with me, sometimes on me while I'm stitching.

Don't forget tonight is 6 Fat Snowmen night! I'll be getting mine all ready shortly!

6 megjegyzés:

Barbi írta...

OH! You got lots of stitching done!!! That's what I want my skirt to look like by the end of next Sunday! Sabrina looks amazing!

Veronica írta...

Too bad the frogs visited. Looks like you've gotten quite some stitching in though. Can't wait to see your 6 Fat Man progress.


dulcinella írta...

Sabrina is going to be wonderful. Sorry you had to frog, but she will be worth all the effort! I love the color of her dress. Your jars are very full. You did quite a lot of stitching:-)

Bea írta...

Sabrina is gorgeous, but sorry to hear the frogs joined you. Looking forward to what goes in the snowmen boxes.

Mangogirl írta...

gorgeous stitching :D

Joysze írta...

Great IHSW weekend!! Stitching looks awesome and your stitching buddy is too cute. :D