szerda, május 23, 2012

Blog hopping...

Do you use a stand when you stitch? If so, tell us about it and share pictures if you’ve got them. If not, would you like to try using a stand? Do you have any tips or tricks around using a stand versus not using a stand?

I was blog hopping, to find some more blogs I can read and be inspired by, and as I was hopping I stumbled across this... it's similar to what the SBQ was a few years ago. I really enjoyed participating in that back then and I sort of miss it, so I thought I would jump in and join this one!.

Here is my answer... Yes I do have a stand, a lap stand I have to use one.  I used to stitch in hand only, but managed to strain both of my wrists from stitching a big commissioned project on a deadline that in order for me to continue to enjoy my obsession, hobby, my hubby bought me an Artisan Designs Elan lap stand.  I use it with my qsnaps, but have on the rare occassion used it with my scroll rods as well.

It's not the greatest picture but you can get the idea of how it works. I stitch two handed now, and can stitch much more and much longer now with my stand. I wish I could say I have some tips or tricks in using a stand, but I don't, I think its fairly straight forward how I use mine, so there isn't really much more to add. 

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Dani - tkdchick írta...

I'm an in hand stitcher as well but sometimes I do push it and pay for it later.

Loretta Oliver írta...

So glad you joined us in the blog hop :) Your stitching set up looks quite comfortable there.