kedd, május 29, 2012

sal's and some stash...

Sunday was my day for Suzannah, and I did make some progress. I won't complain too much as I did get a good bit done, just not as much as I would have liked.

I'm looking forward to seeing Barbi's progress! She is way ahead of me, and it's always fun to see how far we each get.

Yesterday was 6 Fat Men's turn.... sadly again I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but I started stitching fairly late in the evening, and I also ran out of thread for the snowman's jacket... hopefully I'll have some upstairs in my stash closet, otherwise it means a quick trip to Micheals!

This weekend also included a little bit of stash shopping... Traditional Stitches was having one of their wonderful open houses this weekend, and Edith and I ran out quickly on Saturday morning!  It was a quick visit, but it was wonderful to see both Edith and Janice, as I haven't seen either one in such a long time!

I managed to pick up three new charts, and I can say I was a good girl, as that is all I got! I picked up the following:
Blackbird Designs - Flowers for you -

The Scarlet House - Coverlet Houses

and last but not least La D Da's Old Crow

I am so itching to start all three of these, but I'm trying to be good, as I am sooo close to finishing off Sabrina's skirt!  I don't want to add anything new till at least her skirt is done! Progress pictures of her to come later!

Also before I go, I've been remiss lately in that I hadn't notice how my followers have jumped in numbers! So a quick hello and welcome to you all!!!

Till next time happy stitching

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Veronica írta...

You finished the bottom part of Suzannah! Very nice :D I made some progress on my 6 Fat Man too. Will post later. Love your new stash. I can understand why you're finding it so hard to resist starting them :P


♥ Nia írta...

Looking good!! :D You're atitching my favorite block, I love that one, Snow Friends :)

Carol írta...

You're making great progress, Katica! And I love the new stash you picked up--especially Flowers For You. How pretty!!

Linda írta...

Slowly but surely you will get there on both the SAL's which are looking great. Lovely stash charts to look forward to stitching too.

Mangogirl írta...

Gorgeous stitching