szerda, június 27, 2012

catching up with some stitching....

I haven't been blogging much or stitching much for that matter... but I did get a little bit in on my 3 projects that I have on the go these last couple of days...

First up is Suzannah by Carriage House Samplings... excuse the photo quality I took it with my phone...  As you can see I haven't got much done compared to the last time... truth is... I could swear that those two leafs on the vine that is touching her arm - right next to Suzannah's skirt were in the wrong place, so I frogged them to find they were off buy only by I think 2 stitches...so truthfully I could have fudged it, but instead I took them out and re-stitched them... hence I only got a little bit of Suzannah's arm done this time round.  Barbi is very close to finishing and it looks wonderful! I can hardly wait to get mine to that point or more specifically get mine finished now! Click on the link to our SAL on my sidebar to check out Barbi's blog!

Next up is our Monday night SAL of Lizzie Kate's 6 fat men...a very fun stitch, so much so that it is really difficult to put it down after a Monday night stitching session!  I have a mini happy dance to report in that my Snow Friends block is done! (except for the owl's eyes... my french knots were not cooperating) I just love that little bunny and like Barbi, I just adore the Snowman's coat, I love that colour!  I also managed to start on my next block and went over to the other side and started working on Snow Fun! Hopefully next Monday I will be able to get some good progress in!

And of course last, but definitely not least... Sabrina! She now has arms and hands and some of her frame/chair thingy that she is sitting on!  It's so nice to work with other colours on this, it makes the stitching seem to go faster!  Still loving her... once she is done it will be very difficult to let her go, but a promise is a promise... I'll just have to somehow get the energy to stitch her again for myself!

Anyways, the long weekend is coming up as is the start of the Stampede here in our fair city... it starts a weeks from Friday. We are celebrating our 100th Stampede this year and in honour of that I found a nice cowboy themed freebie to share... if you click on the picture it should take you to the site where you can download the pdf... I am planning on stitching this... hopefully I can start it while the Stampede is actually still going! 


Speaking of Stamepede, I also entered one of my stitched pieces into the arts and crafts exhibition part of it.  Its the first time since 2008 that I've entered... I put in my Lanarte Black Tulips, I'm a bit nervous, as to how I will do... I'll let you know next week, as we plan on going to the Sneak a Peek next Thursday night!

Till next time happy stitching!

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dulcinella írta...

It's so hateful to frog so much, while you didn't really needed to. But: if that is only a little stitching, I am now wondering how much a lot of stitching is for you:-)good luck with the cross stitch piece you entered, but I am convinced you will do just fine! Forme you already are a winner!

Jade írta...

Good luck with the exhibition, I'm sure you'll do great. Very jealous of your Sabrina progress.
Also, you are tagged, please check my blog, and yes, it is absolutely safe and malware free.

Veronica írta...

Lovely progress on your SAL WiPs. Man, Sabrina really is gorgeous! She'll be done in no time now.

Good luck on the arts and crafts exhibition.


Erin írta...

My french knots *never* cooperate. I almost always sub with a petite bead. Your pieces are all coming along nicely!