szerda, június 20, 2012

ort report and a wip...

I'm a day late... but here is my ort jar for this month's TUSAL! I've got pictures of both my montly clippings as well as my big jar of my year to date...

I haven't touched a needle since last Friday, so no progress pictures to report for either Suzannah - our Sunday SAL with Barbi, or 6 Fat Men - our Monday SAL, or the IHSW. I haven't even really been  reading any blogs... more just sneaking peeks at some pictures - like window shopping!

I promise to catch up on both reading and stitching soon!  I have Monday off so if things work, I may have some extra stitching time... it will all depend on the weather.

I do have a little stitching to show... here is my latest progress on Sabrina. This is as of last Friday.  I only started stitching on her again a little tonight.

As you can see we finally have some body parts and colours other than white, shades of green, and brown, grey and black.

till next time... happy stitching!

4 megjegyzés:

Névtelen írta...

Lovely TUSAL and Sabrina is looking beautiful!

Linda írta...

Sabrina is looking good. Hopefully you will have more time for stitching this week and be able to join in with the sAL's - time can race away sometimes.

Eva írta...

Because I enjoy reading your blog, I have tagged you in mine. Please visit and answer some questions!


Happy Stitching,

Veronica írta...

Your ort jar is getting real full. Means you've been getting a lot of stitching done :)

Sabrina looks great. Soon she'll be finished!