kedd, október 02, 2012

beads, beads and more beads...

Not much stitching has been going on since my last post, however I did decide to start beading on Sabrina...

As you can see I've got some done but still a lot to do! I'm already on my second package of those tiny little black beads and I got 4 (when the pattern calls for 3) so I hope I have enough!

I am enjoying it though, as I think I finally found my perfect beading needle!  I got one I really liked a few years ago (read that as many) but it was with a class, so we only got one, and I never knew what brand or kind it was. Since then I've been on the search... I finally broke down about a month ago, and ordered 4 different types of what looked like the one I had from 123... and I found a winner!!

The one that is almost exactly like the one from many years ago, is the Bohin tapestry needle in size 28.  They are very thin, so they bend easily but I love it! I will definitely be ordering more in the future!

I also have a favourite needle that I stitch with, but I've only been able to find them in Budapest, Hungary, so needless to say I've stocked up on those as well.  They are the perfect length for me, and they have a small little ball on the end.  I just love them and have been using them for years. I've never had one break, and they just glide through the fabric. I'll try and take a picture of one later to show you but like I said I just love them!

How about you dear readers, what are your favourite needles for stitching and beading???

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Barbi írta...

Gorgeous work! You know know which needle is my favorite...you got me hooked on the Hungarian ones too. LOVE THEM! I'm going to have to order this one you are using for beading and see how it works. Right now I bead with these long dmc beading needles.

blue star stitcher írta...

I have noticed that too, how bendy the beading needles are. I don't love it as it makes it a little harder to pick up the beads, but much easier than having beads get stuck on needles that are too thick.

Joysze írta...

Beading looks goot, Kati. :D You'll have more than enough of the black beads!! I can't remember if I bought 4 or just the recommended 3, but I had leftovers for sure.

Your beading needle sounds like the one I use. Mine is a a jewelry making beading needles, so it bends nicely too.

For stitching, I like the Piecemakers. Length is just nice for me. :D