hétfő, október 15, 2012

the ort report and other updates

Today is tusal day and here is my ort jar. I'm happy to say it's much fuller than it has been the last few months!!

I haven't been stitching much since my last post, as I was getting ready for a holiday! Can you guess where we were???

Yes, you guessed it, we were in San Francisco for 5 nights and 6 days.  It was fantastic! While we were there we also went to see the Madonna concert in San Jose, and it was great!  We loved it!!! If you are facebook friends with me, you more than likely have seen some of the many pictures we took.  If I could I would go again in a heart beat, I really like going there and haven't been for many years, and have missed it!

On to stitching... since I was away, I didn't do much stitching but I did manage to do some more beading on Sabrina last night... here are a couple of picutres of where I am... lots done, but still lots to go!

It is also my birthday month, the actual day was last week, and we celebrated in San Francisco.  However I did treat myself to some birthday stash and part of it arrived today!  I got four beautiful pieces of fabric from the Crafty Kitty!

All are 28ct jazlyn, and the colours from left to right are: lavender mist, foggy morning, jurrasic sands, and blueberry sorbet.

That's it for now, till next time, happy stitching!

5 megjegyzés:

Barbi írta...

Gorgeous everything! love the San Fran pic! the fabric's look delish!! and the beading on Sabrina is stunning!

Linda írta...

Sabrina is stunning. Beautiful fabric colors. I live 3 hours from SF and haven't been in 30 years.


AnaCristina írta...


I posted a TUSAL too:



Joysze írta...

Happy Belated Birthday, Katica!!! What a way to celebrate it!! :D

Sabbie looks fabulous!!!!

Névtelen írta...

Sabrina looks just beautiful. I love the detailed beading, but it must be a PITA to stitch on. The outcome is well worth it, I'm sure. I made have to add this chart to my endless list of Mirabilia projects to complete.