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Okay so who doesn't like chocolate??? I looooove chocolate... especially dark chocolate, and it seems that I have also converted my husband... he used to always eat only milk chocolate, but now its only dark!  And if it has nuts in then even better!

We have some pretty darn good chocolatiers here in our fair city, my favourite being Chokolat in Inglewood but it can be pricey...

However, while on our trip in San Fransico, we went to Ghiradelli's... and all I can say is OMG what great chocolate! And it's no wonder, as it is the US subsidary of Lindt chocolate from Switzerland!

Now don't look at me like I've just crawled from under a rock... I've had Ghiradelli chocolate squares before, just not very often... no clue where to get it in our city (truthfully I've never had the need to look before now)...  the one time I did have them, co-workers and I bought them from the Nut Man, who comes to the hospital every few weeks, but he hasn't had them really since...

Anyways, while in San Fran, we stocked up a little on some, and oh my the flavours!  All sorts of yummy goodness in dark chocolate... our favourites by far are the dark chocolate peppermint bark, which is a limited edition flavour - I guess only around for Christmas... then the dark chocolate truffle and the dark chocolate orange... there were other good ones too that I brought home, just these 3 flavours stood out.

Now by bringing this chocolate home, it seems I've created a monster, in that my dad just fell in love with them! Needless to say once he found the chocolate stash and tasted them, the chocolate didn't last long!

I tried to order them online straight from Ghiradelli.com but the shipping costs to Canada were outrageous, so I'm looking for where I can get them here... if anyone knows please let me know!

Dad was joking that I should order him a case (that is 430 individual squares) of the dark chocolate truffle ones for Christmas... hmmm maybe I should!

And in case you thought that this post would be completely without stitching... guess again!

Here is a cute little freebie from Our Pioneer Homestead - black cat inn: click here

Also don't forget to enter my giveaway from my Nov. 5 post! All you need to do is leave a comment on that post to be entered to win.

till next time... happy stitching! Just remember to be careful not to get chocolate on your stitching!

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Kate írta...

The chocolate is sold in bags at most major US stores. If by chance you have the ability to get into the states just over the border, you might be able to get hold of some. Hope this helps.

Christine S írta...

I'm pretty sure that I've seen Ghiradelli chocolate at Chapters, but not the nice big bags they have in San Fran!