kedd, január 01, 2013

I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year!  

These are my orts for the year 2012... the smaller jar is what I have collected since our last tusal update, and the large jar is obviously what I've collected all year... considering I had a good couple of months where I didn't stitch at all I think I did pretty darn good and filling those jars each month!

I did make some stitching plans last year, and let's see how I did... I kept up with my SAL's, including finishing up the Carriage House Samplings girls with Barbi during our Sunday SAL. I also started the Monday night SAL for Lizzie Kate's 6 Fat Snowmen, and managed to finish that off as well. I kept up with my monthly postings for the TUSAL and participated in most of the IHSW's.

Looking at what I planned on the must stitch list, I think I did pretty good... here is what I wrote and what I accomplished...

On the must stitch list to date:
-Suzanne - Carriage House Samplings
-Lizzie Kate's 6 Fat Men
-Plum Street Samplers - Sergei, Olga and Boris
-Mirabilia - Fairy Moon, and the Holly Pixie, Sabrina
-Birds of a Feather - Mystery SAL

The stitching wishlist includes:
- Elizabeth - Mirabilia
- Bygone Stitches - Quaker Virtues, A Quaker Christmas
- Stickideen von der Wiehenburg - Rose Quaker
- Angie Designer - Romantique Samper
- Jardine Prive - the 4 season patchwork patterns - spring, summer, autumn, and winter

What I actually accomplished was
-finsihed Suzanne by CHS
-finisihed  L*K's 6 fat men
- finished Mirabilia's Holly, and Sabrina
-finished the Birds of a Feather Mystery SAL.

On the must stitch list I didn't even touch any of the Plum Street Sampler patterns... I'll try and get to them this year.

From the wishlist, I didn't touch any of them... but... to look at the silver lining, I did manage to get some good progress on my oldest WIP - The Last Supper, as well as made some good progress on Fairy Moon.

Over all I'm quite pleased with my stitching.  Now for this year and a clean slate...

This year I will be keeping things simple...

I will definitely be continuing with the few SAL's... TUSAL, IHSW and our Sunday SAL with Barbi.  We already have our next project picked out... Silver Lining's Humbolt Coast starting this Sunday - January 6th. I still need to get my stuff together!

I am definitely going to try and go on a stash diet.  I've been challenged by some of my friends so we will see how long it lasts.  I am a stashaholic in the truest sense of the word, but even I know I've gotten out of hand these last few months of last year.  I have enough stash for several lifetimes, but always more coming in. So I'm going to attempt to stitch only from my stash this year, with the only exceptions being thread.  I do have a couple of small exceptions, on top of this... like I already signed up the the new LHN virtue series, and of course my magazine subscriptions (JCS and CS&N) other than that no other shopping - unless some kind soul feels sorry for me and sends me a gift certificate!  (I got one for Christmas so I'm saving that for a rainy day)

Other than that I'm not making anyother concrete plans other than to say I am going to stitch whatever catches my fancy!

So wish me luck and until next time... happy stitching!

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Linda írta...

Good luck with your goals Katica.


♥ Nia írta...

Happy 2013!! :D
You did great with your goals from last year :) Good luck to achieve 2013's goals too!!