szerda, január 01, 2014

ort report etc...

Well, well, well... two post in one day! I'm off to a good start for posting more this year!

Today is the first new moon of the year, so it's time for the ort report!  Depending on how you look at it, it's the very first of 2014 or the very last of 2013 since all the orts in the jar are from last month... either way I have lots of orts to show!

As you can see I have three jars... one jar (the large center one) is all my orts from the year up to Dec 3... the smaller jar with the frog on it, are my orts for this ort report... as you can see I have lots of white/ecru in there... and you will see why in just a minute...  the third jar, has a bunch of dmc labels in it.... those are from the skeins of floss I used this past year... I did a lot of winding onto bobbins!  I either ran out of thread in a project or was restocking my collection of DMC but either way that is how many skeins I wound onto bobbins this year... I was quite surprised at how many labels are in there!

Tonight, when I start stitching, all three jars will be empty, and start fresh for the new year!  I wonder how many labels and orts I'll have this time next year!??!

Now... why so much white and ecru in the ole ort jar... well I was working on my last two finishes for 2013... I stitched up the iStitch Advent SAL pattern twice... once in white, and a second time in ecru. While I find both of them pretty, I am partial to the ecru version, mainly because it is more muted, and more me... I stitched the white one first, and as I was working on it, I kept thinking to myself, why I picked DMC B5200 to stitch it with instead of something softer... but that is okay I have two lovely finishes, and I am sure both will find good places to live in the future.

I am also happy to report that my ornaments and tin boxes from my previous posts all arrived at their destinations, and received with both great surprise and appreciation, to which I am grateful. They turned out so well, that I just may have to stitch myself a set of those ornaments...

While making them, I also stitched one more that I haven't shown, but it was never finished into anything, as I just plain ran out of time... so for now I will keep it for myself...  until I figure out what to do with it...

 I have one more package to arrive at it's destination, but I did mail it later than I wanted, so it will obvious arrive later as well... I'll keep my fingers crossed that it gets to it's new home safe and sound very soon.  As soon as it does, I will finally be able to show you all pictures, till then this is all I can show...

till next time... happy stitching!

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AnaCristina írta...

Happy New Year!
My first TUSAL of the year 2014 you can see here:

Edie írta...

and to think you had time to cook! :D