szerda, május 28, 2014

ort report, wips, dancing and a pay-it foward

I have a few things to show... I know I've been neglecting my blog lately, but as I've said before that doesn't mean I'm not stitching!

First of here is this month's ort report...

Nice and full!

I started a new project this month... Rosewood Manor's Autumn Quaker...  Here is where I am... I don't follow instructions all that well, so I started in the middle... not the top left corner...

I am loving the valdini threads that the pattern calls for... I can see more of those in my future!

I've also been plugging along on Humbolt coast... still not done, but each stitch is a step closer!  I've really lost my stitching mojo with this one... I just don't want to work on it anymore...but it's such a great piece, that it would be a shame not to finish it very soon!

I also have a finish/happy dance!  I finished this one last night... so it is hot off the qsnaps!
It's Cardinal Sampler from the 1994 Nov/Dec issue of BH&G CS&CC magazine...

Please excuse the picture.. I forgot to edit it before I uploaded it... *blush*

There is a ton of backstitch on this thing, literally everything is backstitched!  I added beads in the border for the holly berries so spruce things up a bit as well... I didn't want to add my initials or anything, so I just added the 2014 in the blank spaces.

And last but not least... I am having a pay-it-forward, give away... I was gifted the pattern for the Cardinal Sampler design by another stitcher - the pages are from the original magazine, so if you are interested in stitching this, please just leave a comment on this post, and I will pull a name if there is more than 1 person interested and send it off to you... My only request is that once you stitch it, you pay it forward as well.  I will take comments until Sunday night June 1st.

3 megjegyzés:

Linda írta...

Lovely update Katica. Great finish and stitching.


Marilyn írta...

Love your Ort jar with the froggie on top. :)
Autumn Quakers is gorgeous.
Humboldt Coast is so very pretty also.
The Cardinal Sampler turned out so nice with all the backstitching.
Great WIPS and finishes!
Not entering for the Sampler, as I do have that magazine, but what a nice offer.

helen írta...

I love all your stitching :) Especially the Autumn Quaker - i've never seen that pattern, but that is somehow a perfect fit in your home - or at least this is how i imagine :) Lovely colors also!

You know what i'm doing with the strand ends? I'm crocheting some cutie and using the ends as a filling. I.e.: pincushion! Somehow i feel like there is so much hard work in those flosses :D

Anyway, nice work Kati! The Cardinal Sampler also looks fun to make - not a perfect match with my style, but i love those perfect lines there, and the cute details (and beads :)).

Humbolt coast - gosh, you are soo patient. I cannot imagine myself making it. Probably would take me 15 years :D