kedd, július 01, 2014

ort report and catching up

First off happy July 1st!  Living in Canada, that means it is Canada day, or Canada's birthday!
Happy 147th birthday Canada!

Next off is June's ort report!  I took the picture in time, I just didn't get a chance to upload it on time, but here it is, all nice and full!

I have been busy stitching away... I worked on my Summer Bouquet by Lanarte

I also finished another block on my Home Sweet Home piece by Les Grilles de Maryse

I've also put in some stitches into Red Riding Hood by The Primitive Hare

I actually have a bit more done, as I am not working n the border, but I didn't want to take it out of the qsnaps for a picture...

And the best of all, I managed to finally finish Humboldt Coast by Silver Lining

Barbi and I have already picked out our next Sunday SAL - Cornwall Cottage Sampler by Rosewood Manor.... we don't have anything set for it yet other than the pattern is picked.  We would love it if you would join us in stitching it! 

That's it for now... till next time... Happy stitching!

5 megjegyzés:

Jucus írta...

Először is boldog nemzeti ünnepet nektek!
Gyönyörűek a munkáid, a nyári csokor is nagyon szépen alakul, a Marise-minta is, Piroska és farkas is...villámok a tűid is! :o)
A tengerpart hatalmas munka volt, de megérte, márkás hímzés lett belőle!

Linda írta...

Congrats on the great finish Katica. I have enjoyed watching you and Barbi stitch this.


Dani - tkdchick írta...

A HUGE congrats on Humboldt Coast I know how much work SL designs are!

Your summer bouquet is just lovely!

Tina írta...

Humboldt coast is beautiful!! I'm a sucker for all oceans and waves. It's so calming to look at.
The Home Sweet Home piece by Les Grilles de Maryse is so pretty and feminine looking. May I ask where you got the pattern. I would love to do this one!!

Bonnie Brown írta...

Congrats on your happy dance!
It looks amazing!