kedd, október 28, 2014

ort report

I'm late, I'm late, for a very special date...  I'm here! I've made it! I'm here to post my ort report for this month... the new moon was Oct 23, I did manage to take the picture at the right time, just not post it.

Lots of dark coloured threads from my two recent happy dances that I shared in my last post, as well as some more dark threads from my current new wip... Soffia by AAN

My current wips were not calling my name, so I started something new. I'm enjoying it so far, I am stitching it on 32ct silvermist jobelan by Stephanie using Nina's threads.  I am planning on using beads for all the French knots in the piece.

other than that, I've got one more happy dance to share, this time a crochet one... I finished off another blanket, this time for my littlest great nephew... when he saw me making my purple one, he said he would like one too... and he picked cookie monster blue for his...
and since he gets a blanket, I can't leave his big brother out, so that is my newest crochet wip...  a blanket for him in his favourite colour - orange crush...
As you probably guessed, the two blankets will be mirror images of each other, so this one will have  the blue border.
That's it for now... till next time, happy stitching!

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Fidike írta...

Nagyon tetszik a monokróm hímzésed! És a takarók is szépek!

Linda írta...

Pretty new start Katica. I love the blankets.