kedd, január 20, 2015

tusal time

Well here we are... tusal time or ort report time!  This time I actually have some orts to show!  Not like last month where I showed off a very empty ort jar!

Here is my ort jar for this past month...

I started a new project last night.  It is a blackwork project (SAL) by Seba Designs, from their facebook group page. Here is my progress so far... I'm working on the border right now, and then once it is done I will fill in the squares...

It is called Freedom, and is a free pattern from, as I mentioned, their facebook group.  The borders are set, and you get all the filling patterns, but you get to decide where you would like to put what and also in what colour.

This way everyone in the SAL is/was working on the same project, but yet each person's is different based on their pattern placement and colour choices. 

I've decided on using Waterlilies thread in Cherry for my filling stitches.

The one I fell in love with, and the reason I joined the group was done in golds, but I don't have any gold thread  in my stash (hard to believe, I know) other than DMC, so I went with something I had.  Hopefully it will be just as nice... I think it will the colours are much richer in person than the picture.

Till next time.... happy stitching

4 megjegyzés:

Bonnie Brown írta...

Your SAL looks great so far.
I'm thinking of starting this for my travel project :)

Barbi írta...

Love that Cherry thread! Gorgeous!

Névtelen írta...

Love your ORT colors. You have a great start to your SAL. I can't wait to see more!

Magical Mysterytour írta...

It's looking good so far, I've seen someone else who is working on this as well and it will be interesting to see how yours and hers turn out and how different they are :)