hétfő, január 16, 2017

dancing for my weekly update

Happy Monday everyone!

Let's just jump right into things and start off with a quick little happy dance!

I managed to finish off Reflections of Canada by Ink Circles this past week.  I used DMC 815 on a mystery white fabric I managed to find in my stash.

In addition to working on Reflections of Canada, I continued to work on one of my other wips that is getting close to a finish and worked on that one..

I worked on Cornwall Cottage Sampler, by Rosewood Manor...   Originally we started this as a Sunday SAL with Barb and Linda in January of 2015.  However, things didn't quite turn out that way, as life really got in the way, and both Barb and I managed to ditch poor Linda.

After a long break of not working on this, I pulled it out this month and have been working on it off and on.  I just love the colours in this, and it is so enjoyable to work on.

I'm getting closer to getting this one done too.... there is lots of confetti stitching in the basket from the flowers, but it is looking so pretty!

And of course since it is Monday, we had our Sunday SAL with Edith for Portrait of Veronica by Mirabilia.

Here is my progress on her... not sure if you can tell, but I finally did add a little colour other than black last night, though I will admit it is a blended colour with black... hopefully next Sunday, I will have more colour to show.  Considering how much black I stitched with Darth Vader in December, and said I didn't want to see black again for a while, I have actually been enjoying working on Veronica.

And that is it for me!  I have no clue what I will work on this week, if I will continue with Cornwall Cottage until it is done or if I pull a different wip.

But until next week, happy stitching!

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Marilyn írta...

Reflections is so pretty.
Great progress on Cornwall Cottage.
Love the colors in Veronica.