szerda, december 07, 2005

Time flies when your having fun...

NOT!!! Yes, time has been flying but I haven't been having fun!!! I can't believe its already Dec. 7th!!! Where is the time going?? I have so many things I need to get done, some of which need to be done before dad gets back from his holiday on Saturday and then Christmas!! OMG! I have no clue how it will all be done, but I'll figure it out somehow...

We've been busy little bees this past week, we've been decluttering the house - the den is done and looks fantastic if I say so myself, the basement storage area is done as well, just have to go to the dump with all the "stuff" that is still down there to get rid of! Still have to do the pantry, and then everything that we planned to do while dad was gone is done! I've also been studying off and on (more off than on if I'm going to be honest). I have two finals this week - one tomorrow and one Saturday and I'm not looking forward to either one...but I'll manage to get through them.

The past weekend also saw a flurry of activity at the Hungarian cultural center (aka the Magyar Haz) that DH and I volunteer at (more like live there but that is okay we like doing it) We had the annual Mikulas celebration (St. Nicholas day) which was officially yesterday - Dec.6th but we always have it the Sunday before at the hall. Laci and I hit Costco and went candy shopping for the bags! We had to make 96 bags - why not 100 you ask, because all the chocolates come in boxes of 48 so we buy two and that is how the number of bags are determined! LOL Well I have to admit it was a great turn out! We gave out 70 treat bags to the kids, so there were 100+ people at the hall. The rest of the bags went to the volunteers who helped out etc. Again the Vadrozsa (local dance group) did an awesome job of helping out with the kids! We had beading, colouring and dancing - to wear the kids out a bit! I did take pictures but for some reason they didn't turn out so no sharing...

On to stitching stuff... I finished off another ornament - identical to the two previous ones, except this time it has Merry Christmas in Hungarian instead of English. They still all need to made into ormanents, but Laci needs to help with that one. Right now I'm working on Brittercup Designs Britty Kitty ornament that is in the 2005 JCS ornament issue. I'm also happy dancing, in that Michael's came through! Last week they had their normal 50% the entire custom framing order and we went and got 3 that we needed for Christmas gifts (the 4th one we found a ready made oval frame) and when we placed our order they were saying they can't guarantee them for the holidays, even though they don't need to do anything with our frames other than put them together - Laci stretches everything himself. But they called yesterday and they were done!! They turned out so great!! I'm so happy!! Now Laci just needs to find time to frame the pieces!!! I'll share pictures when they are all done up.

SBQ for this week:
Q: Have you done any charity stitching, been in one, or would like to organize one?
A: I have done charity stitching in the past, not much, but I did stitch two squares for the Canadian quilt in 2001 for the commemoration of 9/11. But that is it. No I don't think I would have the patience to organize one, but do admire those that do participate in these charitable stitchings quite regularly as well as those who organize them.

The A List Question:
Q:What are your baking/cooking plans for the holidays this year? Have you started yet? Anything that is an annual tradition that you simply *must* do?
A: Hmmm interesting quesiton! If I knew how to bake properly then maybe I would actually have baking plans for the holidays! Tradition wise, there are certain sweets that we have at Christmas, and I am lucky enough to know a woderfully sweet lady (one of my mom's best friend's) who is a wonderful cook and baker, so now that mom is gone (she couldn't bake either) I'm the one turning to our friend for our annual baking order! Sure I could probably maske some of them myself, but since I have no clue how or the patience to learn, its easier to just go with our friend. Some of the things that we have to have are dobos torta - a yummy multilayered cake with a carmilized sugar top, and makos and dios beigli - poppyseed and walnut roll pastry. I do get other stuff - like jam and poppyseed filled kifli's (little crescent looking pastries) and linzer suti - small round cookie type pastries with appricot or plum jam filling.

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