szerda, április 05, 2006

Just a quick little post

Just a quick little update - mainly stitching stuff as it is Wednesday and that means its time for SBQ

Q: Do you stitch "on the go?" (On the commute to and from work, duringyour lunch break, waiting for the kids, etc.) If so, do you have aspecific "travel" project or do you just grab whatever you happen tobe working on and take it with you?
A: No, that is the short and simple of it. I don't have any sort of travel project really, never have. Though occassionally (starting just recently) I will take a small project with me when I go to the Cultural Center on Friday's as we have a "youth" get together there every Friday, and sometimes I'm there much earlier so instead of just vegging I will sometimes stitch - it is very rare that I do this though. I guess I just prefer to stitch in my own spot with my own light etc at home...

Other stitching news, I decided to continue on this week with my baby announcement instead of switching to the box (My Stitching Treasures). I'm going to a stitch in at one of the LNS' here on Saturday and hopefully I will be able to make some decent progress on the piece to make up for last weeks non-existant progress.

The fabric for L&L The Wedding still hasn't arrived, and according to the Silkweaver website it was mailed on March 24th. I know it hasn't been that long yet, but I'm getting impatient! Especially since I ordered it on the 15th of March!

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Jenn írta...

Kati, I just came across your blog and wanted to say hi. It's been a long time since we talked. Hope everything is going good with you at the time. I'll be sure to keep checking back with your blog now that I know you have it.