hétfő, április 03, 2006

Whew, what a weekend...

After my post on Saturday, things got very busy - they already were, but I took a break to post! We had a dinner at the Cultural Center that night, and thanks to the original organizer nothing was done, and we only found out a week before the event, so needless to say everyone was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything done!

We managed to pull it off, and it was successful! Though we had fewer people than we normally do, everyone had a good time, the food was great, and the band was pretty good too - the dance floor was pretty full for most of the night. We also changed our clocks this weekend and that was hard on my system! I hardly slept at all that night and then yesterday we had a pretty full day as well, so it was fairly difficult to get up and go! We had tickets to a local theatre groups performance so we went to that - it was very good, especially the third act - Laci couldn't stop laughing! It was very funny! Even I understood most of the puns and jokes - the reason I say that is becuase it was all in Hungarian, and if they talk to fast then sometimes I miss the joke! It was difficult thought to try and stay awake since I didn't sleep very much. But to finish off the evening we had a nice family dinner to boot! Its been a while since we were together - we still had a few members missing, but we had a nice dinner and visit anyways. Now to work out our schedules for an upcoming birthday next weekend and Easter!

On the job front, I finally heard back from them, and the shifts are still there - so they are mine and I have my re-orientation all set up again. So as of Thursday I'm back in the working world, at least for a few days! We'll see how it goes... Obviously I didn't get the position I applied for, but I think the least they could have done was let me know - I know they don't have to, but I still think it wouldn't have been that difficult to do. They have another position available - this time scheduler assistant - same thing temp. FT - and that is what I've been doing until now... so I'm off to apply for that one as well, and we'll see if I'm lucky this time around...

Stitching news, well I have no real progress to report this week. I know I was supposed to work on the baby annoucement, but I didn't. I hardly put any stitches into it at all! Maybe 30 or so if I'm lucky! I did however work and finish up the stitching on one of my surprise gifts. So at least I did make progress on something! Now to just finish it up and finally get it in the mail! Once its done and the recipient recieves it, I'll post a picture or two of it.

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