szombat, április 01, 2006

A little light at the end of the tunnel...

Since my last post was somewhat of a downer, I thought I would post about something that cheers me up - my stitching and my kitty!

I know I've posted this picture of my kitty but its one of my favourites. She has a tendency to hide and sleep in the weirdest places, so its not easy to get a good picture of her. But she looks so content, so peaceful just grabbing a few zzzz's in the sunlight. Some days I really wish I could have my kitty's life! Though I can't complain I've got it pretty good too!

I thought I would add in a few of my other favourite photos of her, and these were all taken in Budapest, while we still lived there... just some of her favouite places...

In our front entrance in the so called magazine rack, but we never used it as

such it was more of a kitty basket, then in our kitchen window watching/terrorizing the pigeons, again in our front entrance - she has to investigate everything - this time it was our umbrella drying, and of course the last one is on our bed again catching a few rays of sun while catching up on her beauty sleep.

Onto stitching stuff... since it's April 1 - its time for a review of my goals and time to set new ones!

March's goals:
-finish MST by Jeanette Douglas - didn't finish but made good progress
-start L&L's The Wedding for Michelle - didn't start - had to order new fabric and it hasn't arrived
-get rotation up and going - yes!!!
-go through rest of stash for sale list - did most of it, now I have to reorganize what is left for sale

I did manage to start a new project - the baby announcement, as well as finish up 4 small projets, that weren't slated in anywhere...

non-stitchy goals:
- try to exercise and get into a routine and try to lose weight -did a little but not enough to be counted as successful

April's Goals:
- finish up MST by Jeanette Douglas
-start L&L's The Wedding for Michelle
-make progress on baby announcement for Maya (new project started in March)
-make and finish up a few more small gifts that I have planned for certain people

And on to job stuff... I decided to pick up the shifts, so I'm waiting right now for my supervisor to call me back if its still arrangeable and to get the retraining all set up as well... we'll see what happens, they have a tendency to call me about shifts and then by the time I get the message and call them back the shifts are gone... If that happens this time around as well, then that is it. I'm definitely going to look for something else... but for now we wait.

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