szombat, február 03, 2007

Weird things about me...

I haven't had much to post about lately, just busy at work and here at home, and have hardly had any stitching time, so I can't really update you there, maybe next week... I still haven't even "finished" my gift that I stitched up, so I haven't sent it on the the recipient, so no pictures again... However as I was looking at a few blogs I did see this, and took it from Melanie

Six Weird things about me - most people who know me would have no problem listing off six, I'm sure I have more than that, but for the task at hand, we'll limit ourselves to just 6

1. I'm obsessive when it comes to books. When reading my books, be it hard cover or soft cover I read them so the spines don't break, and don't fold the pages down at all. All the ones I've read so far that are sitting on my shelf look as if they are brand new. My family things I'm nuts, and I refuse to lend any books out for that reason - I don't want the spines broken.

2. I love spaghetti, but not a fan of tomato sauce really, it has to be meat sauce, and I have to have sourcream with it...

3. Another food one, I like my fries, or anything you eat with ketchup, with both ketchup and mayonaise. However it can't be just any mayonaise, it has to be the Hungarian mayonaise you get in a tube! Thank goodness for ethnic stores! (But I do stock up when we go to Hungary)

4. I can't sleep in total silence (or if I have to, it takes me forever to fall alsleep) I need the radio on (very quietly) as background noise.

5. Another food one... I love cream of broccoli soup, but I hate broccoli itself... go figure that one.

6. I seem to be complete opposites at work and at home... my desk at work is organized and neat my desk at home looks like something exploded on it, and no matter how hard I try to be orgainzed here at home, it just doesn' t work...

I know there are more, but these are the first 6 that popped into my head...

I'm supposed to tag 6 people, but I won't as it seems that most people have been tagged at least once already, but if you haven't and feel like then post it to your blog, I'd love to know some weird things about you.

Onto stitching stuff, I pulled out the peonies this week, though I do have to admit I haven't made all that much progess this week either. Last week I tried to work on the wedding piece, but maybe only put 50 stitches in, so not much to photograph there.

On the job front, I've been in a tempoary full time position at work since May last year, and it was supposed to end at the beginning of January, but they asked me to stay on, until at least the middle of February becuase the position was opening up permanently - the girl who was to come back to this spot left for a permanent job at another site, so I applied and I am happy to annouce that I got the job. So I'm basically doing what I've been doing since May, but now I will actually get paid vacations, stat holidays and other benefits! Now my desk is really my desk, and not just for a few months! Hmmm maybe its time to make it more personal and more me!

We were also planning our what we were trying to be annual trip to Europe, but it looks like with the new job and other things happening around here that we won't be able to go, so its postponed till next year (again) We are however planning on going somewhere for a week or so, so at least there is that light at the end of the tunnel! We're a bit on the down side of not being able to go to Europe again this year, but when we finally do go it will be worth the wait!

Anyways, thats it for now!

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Karen írta...

Great list. I can't sleep in total silence either!!

Did I ever tell you I love those little fishie icons that mark the updated blogs in your blog roll? LOVE 'em!! ;)

Blissful Loser írta...

HEY!!!!! You didn't say anything about the permanent position yesterday!! YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Now you can cover your desk with knick-knacks! Congratulations!!!

Eclectic Optimist írta...

Love the six weird things concept... Personally, I don't think any of them are really weird. But, then I know you, and I think you're amazing.