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Happy 1st Day of Spring

Wow, I didn't realize its been so long since I updated! Time flies when you are busy!!
Anyways, here are some stitching updates for the last little while, a couple of "mini-happy dances". Mini in that the project itself isn't done, but I've reached/finished certain parts that bring me that much closer to actually finishing them!!!
First off my canvas/beadwork class project... not long after I posted that progress picture in my last post, I actually finished off all the borders that needed to get done by the next class, so here it is:

I'm actually quite enjoying this, even though while working on some of the inside boxes the frog did visit, and I had to redo them. I'm really looking forward to working on the various stitches in the insides next... there will be some actual cutwork as well in the top two boxes and I'm already a bit on the nervous side with those... somehow cutting the fabric threads is a bit nerve wracking, but we'll tackle that when we get to those blocks...

So that was mini happy dance #1 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

On to dance #2 - I finally finished the dress on the wedding piece - at least the filling in part! I still have her veil to do and the beading on the dress, but that will be a piece of cake compared to the miles and miles of endless stitching of just white!!!

As you can see I started working on the flowers that decroate the "U" in "United" I desperately needed some colour after all that white!!!

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And now for some pictures of what spring in our fair city looks like - or at least what today was like, the "official" first day of spring.
The pictures are from this morning, this afternoon (when the sun came out) and this evening

On to other things, like the reading challenge, I finished Abundance last night, and I loved it! It was a really good read, I'm definitley going to check out the other books by this same author! Now to figure out what to read next, but that will more than likely involve a stop at Chapters as I need paperbacks right now and most of the books on my to be read list are hard covers...

We are going on vacation for a whole 17 days leaving on Sunday (yes this Sunday coming up!!!) So I will need the books for reading on the plane and while we are gone etc!! We are going to Budapest to visit our family... we haven't been for 2 years and are so excited in going! It was a very last minute decision, we weren't going to go due to certain circumstances, but those have changed and we decided to go anyways! Its definitley going to be a whirlwind of a trip, and I'll need a vacation to recover once we're back, but it will all be worth it!

Quick kitty update, she is doing wonderfully, the fuzz is coming in nicely on her tummy - its still a long way off from the rest of her coat, but slowly but surely we'll get there! The scare with the recalled pet food scared us too, as we have a bunch of it, but she isn't showing any symptoms that they said to look for, so we are carefully breathing sigh of relief.... As soon as I read about it we checked the website and started feeding her other kinds instead... the good thing is that for her "wet" food she gets a couple of different kinds depending on her mood (yes her mood) so even though we had a bunch of the recalled stuff, she didn't necessarily eat really too much of it lately...

Anyways, that is it for now, and I'll try and post before we leave... no guarantees that I will blog while I"m gone - not really any time for it, but when I get home a definite update will be on its way!!!

Till then everyone have a wonderful Easter!!!

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