szombat, július 19, 2008

marbles, marbles and more marbles

its seems that there are glass marbles rolling all over the internet and Évi happened to roll one my way...

If you get a marble you are supposed to write words that describe you (what you like or dislike) using each letter of the alphabet. I'll give it a try but mine will more than likely be in "hunglish" - a little hungarian a litte english. Most of the marbles I've seen floating around have been on hungarian blogs so I'll try and use the hungarian alphabet. I already know that I won't be able to use just one word per letter.

a - anyu / apu (mom & dad)

á - álmatlanság (insomnia-sleeplessness)

b - books

c - cross stitch, cicak-cats

cs - csipke (lace)

d - dreams

e - elegance

é - Éva (my mom's name as well as my friend who tagged me)

f - friends, family

g - guardian angel

gy -gyűrű (ring - I wish I could find my mom's ring that went missing)

h - hope

i - iris (one of my favourite flowers)

j - jungle (the way I hate that our garden looks)

k - Kati (me), knit - love to learn

l - Laci (the love of my life), ladybugs and lilacs

ly - lyuk (hole) some days it feels like I'm in one and can't get out

m - memories

n - nap time, neices and nephews, and nagymama (grandma)

ny - nyugodalmas (peaceful - the time I have alone in the house after everyone else has gone to bed

o - october (my birth month and one of my favourite months of the year)

ó -óvatos (cautious)

ö - öröm (happiness)

ő - őzikék (deer) I love being able to look out the window and see a deer walk by

p - palacsinta (crepes), poppies (one of my mom's and dad's favourite flowers)

q - quilting - would love to learn

r - rotweiller - the dog I would like to have if I ever had or got a dog, roses, reading

s - stitching, sunflowers, self confidence (wish I had more or even had some)

sz - szeretett (love)

t - tea, travel, teddy bears

u - us

ú - új év (new year's - one holiday I don't like)

ü - ükunoka (great-great grandchild - my grandma gets to meet her first great great grandson in a little over a week

v -vendég (guests -love having them)

w - wishing

x -xszemes.hu (the website I met some of my hungarian stitching friends through)

y - yellow roses (mom's favourite flower)

z - zweigart (and wichelt)

There are a couple of letters missed from the hungarian alphabet, but I couldn't think of anything for them, even with the help of a dictionary!

I'll roll some more marbles along to Electic Optimist and Blissful Loser in the hopes that this may get them both blogging again, as I really miss both their blogs and updates, and I am really interested in their answers. If anyone else would like to have a marble, please by all means do your abc's as I would love to read them as well.

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helen írta...

Köszi! :)

Clinique-Bogi írta...

Katica! Meglepi a blogomban. :-)

helen írta...

Úgy gondolom, hogy Kreatív Blogger vagy :) Részletek a blogomon :)

Asta írta...

Very sweets words:)