vasárnap, december 14, 2008

left over pictures and a happy dance

My "fancy" camera's battery died at my nephew's birthday, and while it is recharging, I used the smaller one that we have, and found some left over pictures on it from the spring/summer, I thought I would share those, to counter act the cold outside! These are some of the visitors we had earlier this year.

Second, I wanted to share a happy dance! My exchange piece is done! Here are some pictures - I don't believe my partner reads my blog at all, so I'm safe in sharing early. We made a lined bag and scissor fob for her. She loves "antique" bears, so I thought this would be appropriate. Both are stitched over 1 using DMC on 28ct ivory jobelan. I say we made this, as I stitched the bear, while DH sewed the bag using Dani's tutorial, and I made the fob including sewing it together, but DH did help with the cording - that needs more than two hands to do! Now to just get it in the mail tomorrow and pray that it gets there in time!

1. picture of the bag and fob together
2. just the bag
3. the lining inside
4. close up of the bear
5. the fob

2 megjegyzés:

Cindy F. írta...

Gorgeous bag!! Congrats on a beautiful finish!!

helen írta...

Kaptál egy hógolyót tőlem :) Ha lesz időd, nézz be a blogomba!