hétfő, december 15, 2008

snowball fight!

It seems that I was hit with a snowball thrown by Evi that has been going around the Hungarian blogs... I'll try and answer the meme as well. After all it is the season for a little fun!

What's your sign: Libra - and I completely fit into that, I always seem to be trying to balance things, trying to keep the peace or trying to make everyone around me happy. I don't like confrontation at all...

Interesting thing that happened on your birthday: other than me being born, I'm not sure so I looked some stuff up... Louis XII of France married Mary Tudor on that day in 1514, and I also share a birthday with John Lenon.

If I won the lottery: You can bet I would quit my job, and grab my hubby and travel! Plus of course make a few other people's dreams come true!

A bad habit you can't get rid of: leaving everything to the last minute. No matter how hard I try to get stuff done in time or even early, it never fails, something will happen that it won't work, and I'm left scrambling as usual at the very end.

Surfing the net: Internet Explorer and google as the search engine

Caffine: don't usually drink coffee, so I tend to get my caffine fix in tea or a coke.

Colour of your clothes: 80-90% black... I do have other colours but will wear them in combination with black.

What are you wearing now: my "at home clothes" sweats (black of course) and a grey sweatshirt (its cold) and fuzzy socks

Last book I read: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows for the umpteenth time - I think its time to jump into the book stash I have and find some new reading material... love the book but I have so many others I would/should read just piling up and collecting dust

Pet: my kitty Snow White (of course she's black)

What animal would you never choose as a pet: any reptile or a bird, though my neice does have (or had - I'll have to check with her) a snake and it was pretty cool (at least from far away)

What do you like best about yourself: hmm, that is a tough one... I'd guess my loyalty, that my friends and family always know they can count on me when they need me.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Hopefully better off than I am now, so I can better help others around me, but hopefully also with a family finally...

Most recent good experience: Kiss goodnight and an "I love you" from both dad and my husband (I know mushy)

Favourite food: krumpli leves and krumplis teszta (potato soup and potato pasta) the way my mom used to make, I'll have to figure how to make them as its been a while :O(

If its winter: scarf and mittens. Never (almost never) wear a hat, I don't really like things on my head, but all I can say is thank goodness for heated seats in my car!

The pillow you sleep with: I actually sleep with two, one big one that is sort of medium - not too hard not too soft and a small one. I can't sleep without that small one so I take it everywhere with me - including extra pillow cases if we're going on a long trip

Needlework/craft of choice: Cross stitching of course, though I would love to learn to quilt, knit and crohet... my poor SIL tried to teach me to crochet and all I could manage was the first row, I could never get the hang of the second row of stitches... so if you all want I can make you a nice and really long chain!

Favourite dessert: Ohhhh another tough one, I definitely have a sweet tooth and love desserts (you can tell by looking at me!) I actually have several, it just depends on the place we are at... coffee icecream almost anywhere, dobos torta, tiramisu (at Guszto's in Budapest) turo gombc (at Nancsi neni's in Budapest).... aww heck, let's just say I love desserts otherwise the list would be way too long!

Mobile phone: I do have one, but don't use it as often as I should. If DH and I are together, I leave it at home since he has his. But if we're going for type then I'm a Nokia girl all the way, though I do really like hubby's iphone!

What's in your purse right now: ummmm, I don't carry one... I do love them but hate carrying them. I tend to stuff everything in my pockets, so we'll go with that. if needed then my phone, but definetly kleenex, lip stuff, my wallet and sometimes gum (not at the moment as I just recently ate the last piece)

In the kitchen/cooking: well we all know how I am with that, as not that long ago I did a blog post on the very subject... if needed I will cook, I know how to make a few things, bt in general, I didn't inherit that gene from either of my parents. Mom could look into a fridge and see a bunch of stuff to make a great meal out of, I could look at the same fridge and think there's nothing in there that is edible so let's order in!

I'm going to throw a few snowballs myself, and hopefully this will get some people blogging again, as I really miss them as well as their blog updates! Off it goes to Kati P, Edit, Barbi, Zsuzsi, Elsie and Julie - come on guys let's get blogging again!!!

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helen írta...

Köszi, hogy válaszoltál :)
Olvastad már az Eragont? Vagy a sárkányos sztorik nem jönnek be? :) Engem szórakoztatott. Várom már nagyon a harmadik kötetet!

És a His Dark Materials? Az is jó kis trilógia! Az első részéből (Northern Lights, de néhol The Golden Compass címmel jelent meg) film készült... Én nagyon élveztem!

helen írta...

I can help with the recepies, if you want too...