hétfő, május 04, 2009

a dance and a surprise

Just recently one of my favourite designers (Blackbird Designs) posted a freebie with a competition on their blog. I did stitch it, but didn't finish in time to enter - I finished right on the date they drew the winner's name! But that is okay, I wanted to stitch it for myself not for the prize.

As you can see I can't follow directions that well, as they asked to add a bird somewhere into the sampler - I'm not a big fan of birds, so I of course added kitties! One day (hopefully soon) it will be finished as a tin to hold my needles. I already store them in a tin, I just need to make it pretty! And yes I have a lot of needles that I need a tin to store them in, as I tend to buy them in bulk whenever I go to Budapest!

I stitched it on a mystery fabric that I recieved in my Dinky Dyes fall '08 thread pack (great fabric and colour btw) and I stitched it over 1 using GAST in a great colour called Basil - purple and green combo overdye. The first picture was taken at night under my lamp and shows the thread colours better, the other two were taken in the sunshine.

At the end of last week I also recieved a suprise in the mail from France of all places, and for the life of me I can't figure out why I got it! Then it dawned on me!! It was probably a PIF that I signed up for a while ago, and forgot - since no one posted to my PIF at the time. So I would like to say a great big thank you to Aniko as it is a beautiful gift and the stitching on it is just perfect! I love it, and I love everything you sent! It arrived at the perfect time as well, as I needed some cheering up and this did the job!

I recieved a beautifully stitched little pocket with my initials stitched over one, and a lady bug button to close it with, as well as the cutest little ladybug clothes pin, a lovely ladybug post card, a ladybug thread keep (which will be put to very good use!), a ladybug purse/bag holder (so you don't need to put your purse on the floor) and last but not least, a very cute lady bug pattern from Bent Creek! (another favourite designer) I feel so very spoiled! So thank you so very much!

And last but not least, I found two new charts to add to my wish list... the two new ones by LHN - have you seen them??? So very cute! Alphabet Rhyme and Bee Sampler. I can hardly wait to get these and stitch them up, especially the Alphabet Rhyme one. But I have to be good for awhile, so they're going on the wish list for now.

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Jucus írta...

Nagyon jó lett a Blackbird design-os free-bee-d! Aranyos ezzel a cicás megoldással is!
Gyönyörű a meglepid is - minden csupa katica!:o)
Azt a méhecskéset most azonnal ki tudnám hímzeni én is, annyira aranyos! De a másik is jól néz ki, nekem új mindkettő.

Melinda írta...

A cicák nagyon aranyosak a hímzéseden!:) Az ajándékok gyönyörűek és a két samplert én is szívesen elfogadnám!;))

Cindy F. írta...

Love your sampler! and your PIF!!
Great stash on your wish list too:)

Barbi írta...

I love the sampler with the kitties on them!!! You made a very good choice.
And I am dying for the Bee Sampler too! EEKKK!!! I'm an LHN addict. And it happened sooo fast too! I am going to find a way to blame it on you if Hubby says anything! LOL And about the SAL! Let's definitely organize something.
Love ya!