szerda, március 10, 2010

so much to share...

I'm still here! I've been reading and surfing just not posting... I've been under the weather somewhat lately, and as if two days ago, I'm at home sick with a cold... becuase of all that I've been somewhat lack lustre with my energy levels, hence the main reason I haven't been posting - I just didn't feel like it! So my aplogies to all, I am back and will try and post more regularly again - I have missed it!

Where to start? Let's see, we left off at Valentine's day... the day after - the 15th was a holdiay here, so we got a nice long weekend, and dad, hubby and I decided it was time to head out to the mountians... our destination - Lake Louise. It was a beautiful though chilly and somewhat cloudy day, we had a great time, walked around a bit, had some lunch and then walked a little more. Hubby and I walked about 1/3 into the lake while dad waited for us by the ice castle, and we decided that next time we come we will walk all the way across. You can see more pictures here.

Then on the weekend of the 26th, one of the LNS here - Traditional Stitches had an open house weekend for the Nashville market and all the new releases... so my stitching buddy and I headed on over to check things out. Of course you can imagine, being the stash-o-holic that I am, I managed to bring home a few things...

-Your Gentleness by La D Da
-ABCD by La D Da
-Sarah Lowell by La D Da
-Snow Garden by Blackbird Designs
-Bluebird by Blackbird Designs
-Bird in Hand by Blackbird Designs
-Quaker Samplings III by With My needle
-3 skeins of Rose Garden Simply Shaker GAST

I still have a few things I would like to get from the market, but they are just sitting in my online cart at an ONS for now... I think I've done enough stash shopping in the last little while to last a few lifetimes!

In the mean time, Barbi and I did a trade. I sent her Blackbird Designs Berry Time and she was to send me one of either LHN Snowflakes, or LHN Winter Wonderland. I couldn't decide so I asked her to suprise me as to which one she would send, and being the lovely dear she is, she sure did surprise me and sent me both! I couldn't believe it when I opened the envelope! So a special thank you to my dear friend Barbi! thank you!!! Now to just find time to stitch them with all the rest of my stash!

The Olympics were on all during this and what a great Olympics they were! Canada did so well! It was lovely to hear the anthem played that many times during the medal ceremonies. Now the only thing missing was being able to hear the Hungarian anthem at a medal ceremony. One day, one day I know we will. When they did show the Hungarians, we did cheer for them and it was nice to see them, I just wish we could have seen more of them.

During the Olympics I did manage to stitch a little here and there, and finally manged to finish off my LHN Neighbourhood... can you see the changes I made??? I'm so happy its done! Now to figure out what to do with it, and figure out with Barbi what our next Sunday SAL will be.

We're finally almost caught up... last weekend, Sunday the 7th to be exact, we decided to head out to the mountains again, and again back to Lake Louise - I just somehow can't get enough of that place... anyways, this time we had a beautiful sunny day, a little windy at first, but beautiful nonetheless. The ice sculptures were pretty much gone, and the ice castle and olympic rings had shrunk a bit too but still fun to walk/skate around. The three of us headed out across the lake. It took us a good two hours there and back and it was a fantastic walk. We can't wait to do it again in the summer, except then we'll have to take the "long" way around on the edge of the lake and not straight the middle. You can see more pictures here.

We are already starting to plan a few spring/summer adventures as well. Hopefully this time we will actually keep to our plan.

And last but not least some stitching... Once I finished the neighbourhood, I pulled out a WIP that hasn't sadly seen the light of day since March 2006! I brought out my "My Stitching Treasures" by Jeanette Douglas. Here are my before and after pictures... the second picture is more true to the real colours.

-where I left off March 2006

-progress as of March 2010

I couldn't remember why I stopped stitching on it... I know I wanted to change out the quote, and was looking for something new, but then as I started working on it, it became apparent...I needed more thread... and the over one on 32ct is a pain... but I've got another 4 and half squares under my belt, and I am that much closer to finishing. I have two and half small squares left to stitch, and then the two big ones (lots of over one). The other small empty squares, are for charms, so I'm getting close to finishing, and hopefully it will be on the finishing list for this year! I'm putting it away for now as my thread is on order and am just waiting for it to arrive before I continue.

Now I'm off to work on some birthday gifts as there are a couple coming up in the next month, so I had better get a move on!

As always, thanks so much for visiting!

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Barbi írta...

Wooo hoo on finishing the Neighbourhood. It's so gorgeous all finished!
I couldn't decide which one to send you either! LOL so I sent you both.
Ok let's throw some ideas around about our next SAL.

Blu írta...

Gorgeous mountains!
Your Stitching Treasures is very beautiful, and congrats on finishing the Neighbourhood.

Szecsi írta...

Micsoda gyönyörű hegyek!!!
Nagyon szép lett az LHN házikósod!