hétfő, június 21, 2010

molly take 2

Here she is! This is my progress on Molly from yesterday...

I just took the picture, and the sun is still shining, so yes that is a shadow across the fabric in the lower left corner! She is such a fun stitch. You can see Barbi's progress here.

However, as hard as it will be she is coming off the qsnaps and will be put away till next weekend! Not sure what I'll stitch on tonight/this week as my threads arrived for my Quaker Samplings III... I ran out of thread before so I had to put it away, but I'm also having fun stitching on Fairy Moon... we'll see which one calls louder tonight :O)

Till then happy stitching and I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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Barbi írta...

Aren't you just loving stitching on her!! She is hard to stop stitching. I'm so glad that we are doing her...and the rest of them :)
she looks great