szombat, június 19, 2010

saturday night drive by posting

I completely forgot about the TUSAL posting for this month! The new moon was around the 13th if I am not mistaken... but here is my progress as of last night... it doesn't show as well, as I sort of already squished the threads down a bit... but you get the idea.

And while I'm showing of my orts, I may as well show off what I've been working on... Fairy Moon by Mirabilia... here is where I stand before tonight stitching session...

I'm really enjoying this one, it has been one of my favourites for a long time. The colours are so beautiful.

Tomorrow is Molly's turn, hopefully I'll get some good stitching time in, as I don't think we have too much going on tomorrow other than relaxing, but who knows... plans can change very quickly around here :O)

Till then happy stitching and enjoy the lovely weather!

2 megjegyzés:

Blu írta...

Lovely stitching

KaLu - Claudia írta...

Great progress! She's been on my favorites too I cant wait to see more