péntek, október 21, 2011

and the winner is...

Happy Friday!! The giveaway closed at midnight and as promised, I am postint the winner today!

So... I did the same thing I did in my last giveaway, each comment was assigned a number - 1 through 12 (as there was a double comment that was deleted) and then those put into the random number generator, and ta da! The lucky commenter is:

Congratulations #6 - Barbi!!!

I'll be emailing you later on to get your mailing address! Congratulations again and enjoy all 3 charts!

I also saw that the number of my followers has grown as well, so welcome to everyone!!! Hope you enjoy my blog!

Remember, October isn't over yet, so keep your eyes open for another giveaway coming up soon!

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Edo írta...

congrats BARBI!!!!!!

Barbi írta...

That's Awesome!!! Thank you!!!

Beauty Bonnet írta...