kedd, november 22, 2011

tip toe through the tulips...

for today's post, I thought it was time to show off my progress on my tulips again. You can see where I left off here: click before picking it up last week. I am really enjoying working on this, and love to see how the tulips come to life with each stitch... I'm probably going to keep working on this still this week and then next week will probably be back to some more ornaments.

I have a whole bunch already picked out, but my pile of ones to actually finish into ornaments is growing as well, so I have to figure out time to do that as well.

I also saw on Joysze's blog Random Ramblings that she has a list up of various SAL's that will be going on for the coming year. There are some interesting ones over there, and I am participating in a couple, namely the TUSAL again, as well as the IHSW ones. Go and check them out!

I think that with these two and my Sunday SAL with Barbi, I should be good on the SAL front. Though who knows... with me you just never know. I'm good at making plans just not that great at sticking to them! LOL! But I will enjoy looking at the progress that others will be making as they participate in them!

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RuthB írta...

Yea! A fellow hermit... and a darn fine stitcher too.

Congrats on your beautiful tulip progress. The bouquet is looking beautiful.

If you find the secret to being inspired to finish ornaments, plese pass it along-- -I dure could use it.

Agi írta...

I really love your tulips, they are almost ready!

Joysze írta...

Pretty pretty!! I love the dark purple ones... they're to die for. :D

♥ Nia írta...

lovely stitching :)

Anne írta...

This is coming along beautifully. I love Marjolein!!