vasárnap, március 20, 2016

a finish and a wip

just a quick post to say I have a happy dance!

I finished my Home Sweet Home project by Les Grilles du Maryse.  It was her 2013 SAL. There are other accessories that I haven't stitched yet, but this was the main part of the project.

It is stitched on 32ct mulled cider jobelan by Stephanie using DMC ecru. I haven't decided if I will stitch the other parts, but I do have enough fabric I do.
Next up, is where I left off with my Cornwall Cottage!  I did a little happy dance with that one as well, as my border matched up perfectly, with no frogging.  I was very relieved!  

Since I've been good this year so far and have only worked on wips, I think it is time to start a new project! I haven't decided yet on which one, but definitely something new for a bit before going back to my other projects.

Till next time, happy stitching!!!

3 megjegyzés:

Linda Harris írta...

Beautiful finish - the fabric and design are gorgeous. So glad your borders have lined up for the Cornwall Cottage Sampler - I'm hoping mine will too.

Brigitte írta...

A great finish! Love the color of the fabric.

Blu írta...

Lovely finish! Very striking colour combination.