csütörtök, március 10, 2016

wips and orts

Just a quick update... the new moon was yesterday, so that means ort report time...

Here is my March ort report... the small jar is my monthly collection - lots of stitching this month on the summer bouquet I posted in my last post... and the large jar is the year so far.

I switched out wips and decided as I mentioned in my previous post, to give Cornwall Cottage some much needed love... here is the side I was working on as well as where I am so far on it. Still lots to go!

Till next time... happy stitching!

5 megjegyzés:

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname írta...

Great work on your Cottage border. I have been following either Barb or Linda, or possibly both of them! So I have seen this project growing.

ANGIE írta...

Hi Jo, your ORTs are so great! Happy stitching!

Marilyn írta...

The Rosewood piece is so pretty.
Great progress!

Linda Harris írta...

It's great to see your progress on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler and so lovely to know that you haven't abandoned it x

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) írta...

Cornwall Cottage is so pretty!